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Raise your hand if you’ve had a bad experience (what niche your offer is. Ie. when purchasing an online course/purchasing homemade jewelry/using a skincare line/etc.) It’s never fun feeling like you wasted your hard-earned dollars on something that didn’t positively impact your life, am I right?

Next time you’re looking to make a purchase, here are some red flags to look out for (SAVE this post to refer back to!):

(Share some red flags to avoid when looking to work with/purchase from someone in your industry. ie. avoid products with these ingredients/avoid working with someone who isn’t niched into what you’re specifically looking for/avoid courses that…)

It’s my goal to put dollars IN your pocket, not down the drain. (Share how you do it differently with your business.)

Comment your thoughts below!

Educate your audience on what red flags to avoid when looking to work with or purchase from someone in your industry — and then tell them how you avoid them.