Post 21

Feel like you’re unworthy of (what your perfect-fit client feels they’re unworthy of/your dreams)? Read this. 👇

(Tell a little story about a time you’ve felt this way. This will show your perfect-fit client that you understand her and her struggles.)

If you resonate with that, you’re in the right place. Because hi, 👋🏻 my name is (your name) and I’ve felt the same way. I’ve felt (list a few things you felt in that moment/use this as a chance to really show them you understand their feelings!).

Here’s what I want you to know today:

(Share a little takeaway that will help them turn this feeling around/realize they aren’t alone in feeling it. Ie. EVERYONE has felt like they’re not good enough at some point in their life.)

What I’ve learned over the past (time frame) is that (share what you’ve learned).

Friend, (tell them how that lesson applies to their own circumstances.)

Drop a 🙌 if you needed to hear this today.