Post 2

The struggle is REAL. 😩

You’re (describe the major pain point. How are they feeling? What is this pain point keeping them from accomplishing?).

Long story short, you’re (wrap up that pain point in a one or two word bow.)

What if I told you that you didn’t have to feel that way? What if I told you that (your offer/product) would solve that for you?

Imagine this…

(Cast the vision. Tell them how amazing they’ll feel after they use your offer. How will this make their life amazing/easier?)

You’re thinking, “(Your Name), this sounds like a dream come true… how does this even happen?” Well friend, you’re in good hands.

(Tell them how and where to get their hands on your offer! Give them a strong call to action!)

What is your perfect-fit client’s major pain point? Discuss it and present your service as a solution.