Post 14

Think you’re (myth they believe to be true)? Nope — you’re (reason they’re actually doing it/thinking it)

Hey, I’ve been there. Here’s how you can overcome that (fear/obstacle/etc.):

(Share a juicy tip that will help your ideal client overcome the negative mindset/fear/obstacle. Really think about your perfect fit client here.)

You got this!

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Bust a myth so that your on-the-edge potential clients can shift their mindshift and take action. Empathize with them and then show them through it.

(Think you're not showing up on social media because you don't have time or the right things to share? Nope — you're worried your friends will think you're annoying for showing up too much. Newsflash: until they're accomplishing the same things that you are, their opinions don't really matter, do they? SHOW UP!)