Post 10

Going once… going twice… going three times… and SOLD!

This (what’s driving you and your client nuts right now) is driving me NUTS and I am so excited to pass it off to you. Your bid is much appreciated! 😉

Just kidding — I know you have enough of (reiterate what’s going on in your clients life that’s driving them bonkers) yourself. I don’t need to add my own to your plate!

BUT! I do want to give you some encouragement because, if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past (period of time), it’s that (lesson you want to offer/pep talk).

WE HAVE GOT THIS, friend! I just know it! 

The best lessons are learned through the most uncomfortable (and inconvenient, let’s be real) times. Who’s with me? 🙌

If you're struggling with the humor side, use this as a chance to encourage or empower your perfect-fit client through the struggle.

What’s going on in your ideal client’s life right now that you could add some humor to? There struggles (and yours) are likely how your offer (aka the thing that solves their problems) came to be!