0622 Post 9

3 reasons NOT to hire me:

(Reason #1)

(Reason #2)

(Reason #3)


Why people *actually* work with me:

(Proven Result #1)

(Proven Result #1)

(Proven Result #1)

Oh, and I’m (insert personality trait) so it’s (easy, fun, affordable, etc.). DM me if you’ve got questions about how I can help YOU! I’d love to connect.

Weed out those not-so-perfect-fit clients with this post. You can fill in the blanks with personality traits that won’t be a match, budget restrictions, or anything else that’ll speak to those people you DON’T want to work with. If it’s your style, you can also put a sarcastic spin on this ie: financial advisor — you don’t like making money, clothing brand — looking stylish and put-together, photographer — you don’t like documenting important memories, etc.