0622 Post 19

I have good news and some bad news.

Here’s the bad news:

(Share the bad news, ie: You can’t capture memories if you’re not willing to snap a few pics, you won’t learn how to do your make-up if you don’t have any products, your house will never be “IG perfect” if you don’t invest in some décor, etc.)

But here’s the good news!

(Share how they can either do something easy and affordable to get started.)

And hey, you know yourself better than anyone else! If this isn’t going to cut it, you can always (insert your offer, ie: book a mini session, take a make-up class, hire an interior designer or buy these 3 items to spruce things up, etc.)

(CTA: tap the image to shop, DM me for a link to my calendar, etc.)

As always, direct readers to your offer (or the next step in engaging with you) whenever you can. They know the bad news already, but digging a little deeper on that will give them some food for thought — and then, you swoop in with a solution. You're being helpful whether they purchase from you a lot, which is a phenomenal way to build brand loyalty.

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