0422 Post 6

Wow! I just HAVE to give (client’s name) a HUGE shout-out because she is (killing it with her results/looking amazing in our product/etc.) Scroll right to see (what she had to say/her rocking our product/etc.)!
You can (have these results too/look this amazing too tell them HOW to get the results (ie. sign up for this class) or where to go get their own product.)But seriously — drop into the comments and help me celebrate (clients' names)! 🎉

💡 Product-based: Post as a carousel, showing off clients wearing/using your products. Add some client raves/testimonials.

💡 Service-based: Share a screenshot of your client’s message telling you the amazing thing they accomplished because of working with you!

Share a client success story! This is the best social proof you can get!