0422 Post 24

Save this post for when you’re ready to start (living your best life/shifting your mindset so you can make all the things happen/what’s going to happen for them if they use your service?). 💃🏽


Here are 3 things to consider when dreaming about what (what will their life/process look like? Use some adjectives. ie. your best, bold, and vibrant life) will look like:

✨ (Question #1 that will spark thought and nudge them towards your service Ie: for a confidence coach: “If nothing (money, time, resources, skills or lack thereof, fear, etc..) or nobody was holding you back, what would you do? Who would you be?”)

(Question #2 Ie: confidence coach: “What are your biggest values and how would you want to put them into action in your day-to-day life?”)

(Question #3 Ie: confidence coach: “what would living your best life feel like and how can you bring those feelings into practice daily?”)

Feels good to dream sometimes, right? Know what’s even better? Making it happen!

I can help with that — head to the link in my bio for more details or to start the journey to (what they’ll accomplish if they work with you.)

Some ideas: confidence coach — what would living your best life look like?

Nutritionist — what would having your meals all prepped and ready to go feel like?

Photographer — what would having your memories professionally documented feel like?

Have your audience dream about what their life could look like if they worked with you/utilized your service. Ask some questions that will spark thought and nudge them towards working with you.