0422 Post 23

💥The TRUTH about (social media marketing/meal planning/saving for retirement/etc.), coming in HOT!

If you (have a family/have an online business/are dreaming of retirement/etc., then you’re likely cooking dinner each night/showing up on social media from time to time/putting aside some savings each month/etc), right?

👉🏻 The cold, hard truth is… it’s just not enough! #wompwompwomp, I know. 😅

This is because (tell them WHY it’s not enough.)

If you want to maximize your opportunities, (tell them what they should be doing instead.)

(Summarize what they should be doing instead. Ie. Knowing who your ideal client is and having a strategy that speaks directly to them is the perfect combination to really connect with the people you want to work with, and have them convert into loyal, paying clients.)I’m curious, do you (meal plan/have a social media strategy/utilize investments to propel your savings forward/etc.)? Let me know! ⬇️