0422 Post 21

I see you, over there, dreaming of (the goal they’re dreaming of accomplishing. Ie. feeling super confident in your body this summer). 👀

It’s a fantastic dream, it really is! But here’s the thing — if you’re wanting to (put a spin on what that dream will do for them. Ie: be confident, even in your bathing suit at a beach full of people), then you NEED (what you can provide them that will help them accomplish said goal. Ie. to make some mindset shifts.)

Nothing holds up (again, spin the dream ie. finding your inner confidence), more than (what’s holding them back? Ie. a negative mindset and unkind self-talk).

But don’t you worry — I’ve got your back!

(Tell them how you and your service can help them accomplish the goal.)

Ready to get started? Head to the 🔗 in my bio! It’s gonna be so good, girl, I promise!

What’s something your audience is wanting to accomplish but prior to accomplishing, NEEDS your service for? Educate them on how you play a vital role in helping them get to that goal.