0422 Post 19

Hey, hi, I’m (product name), and not to toot my own horn, but I’m kinda a big deal around here. #toottoot

If we haven’t met yet, here are three reasons we should be besties: (But also, what are you waiting for?! 🤪)

(Share something beneficial that your product provides to your customers. Ie: refresh, moisturize and hydrate  your skin with a simple spritz to the face. Yep —  I’m that good.)

(Share another benefit of using your product. Ie: I’m compact and easy to carry in your purse. Whether you want a quick scent boost or something calming and rejuvenating to boost your energy, I’m ready to go, within reach!)

(Share a fun, lesser known fact about your product. Ie: I’m organically made, which means that I’m chemical free, safe for your skin and, if you accidentally eat me, you won’t require a trip to the ER. 😝)

Ready to be besties? Awesome, me too! Head to the link in my bio or tap the picture to shop!

How about a “get-to-know-me” with a fun spin? Introduce yourself from the point of view of your product.